Gradually, Then Suddenly

Gradually, Then Suddenly
Download the Introduction to Gradually, Then Suddenly below

Introduction & Overview to the Book

The following downloadable PDF is the introduction to Gradually, Then Suddenly A Framework for Understanding Bitcoin as Money. The introduction connects bitcoin's origin–its reason for being–to the Great Financial Crisis, beyond just the timing of its release. And in addition to providing a brief introduction to the basics of bitcoin, it includes my highest level reason and logic to understanding bitcoin as money and an explanation of the tangible problem bitcoin solves for virtually every person alive–the problem of governments and central banks printing money. Lastly, it provides an overview of what to expect from the collective chapters of the book–what the reader should expect to take away if venturing ahead (or more realistically, if you decide to buy the book).

The foreword by Marty Bent can be read here:

Gradually Then Suddenly Foreword and Presale Announcement
The book is officially available for presale and will start shipping around Dec 8th.

The book can be purchased exclusively at (link below). The book is being printed this week (just confirmed with printers today) and will start shipping as soon as it hits the warehouse!

Link to

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