What is Money Podcast

What is Money Podcast

I recently recorded with Robert Breedlove for his What is Money Podcast. In this podcast, we discuss Bitcoin is Not a Hedge (Gradually, Then Suddenly #18) at length. It's a quick rip though, ~45 minutes. If you liked the article or want to skip it and dive straight into a podcast format, either way this is for you (link below).

Separately, below is a link to Guy Swann's Bitcoin Audible version of Bitcoin is Not a Hedge. If not familiar, Guy reads the article (audible form) and then provides his own independent commentary and call outs.

Value for Value
If you found either the podcast with Robert Breedlove or the audible version by Guy Swann valuable, please consider contributing on a value for value basis.

Only to the extent it was valuable to you of course, including not all.

Best, Parker